Blockchain: A foundation for digital transformation

Blockchain is a powerful emerging framework that can drive innovation in the federal government based on business value. It has the potential to transform legacy systems while enabling cost savings, greater transparency, higher efficiency, and more security. From citizen-facing applications to internal agency business processes, blockchain can make data more trusted and traceable.

Our Thinking

Blockchain can be a foundation for digital transformation in the federal government. It enables advanced data analytics, including machine learning and artificial intelligence. When combined with a well-designed user experience, and leveraged by the speed of DevOps and Agile, it’s truly transformative. Take a look at our perspectives below to better understand how this approach will completely change the federal space.



Blockchain Playbook for Government

The playbook serves as a guide for government organizations looking to determine if blockchain is appropriate for their business processes with key insights on assessment, readiness and selection. Driven by the ACT-IAC Blockchain Working Group, Sapient’s efforts centered on the development of the Assessment chapter while also providing insight into the document overall. 

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Blockchain: Now a Reality and Rising Rapidly

From procurement processes at GSA to cybersecurity prototypes at DHS and CDC’s focus on accelerating response time of public health workers, blockchain is already making a difference in government. As government organizations deal with disparate systems, duplicate information, data siloes and redundant processes, it’s important to understand blockchain and the benefits it delivers.

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Enabling Blockchain Innovation in the U.S. Federal Government

What is blockchain and how can it be used in the federal government? A publication hosted by ACT IAC in collaboration with both industry and government, this primer provides a foundational tool to understand blockchain and its safe and secure application across the U.S. federal government. We contributed our expertise as it relates to distributed ledger technology, as well as use cases within the government.

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VIDEO: Lessons learned from GSA blockchain proof of concept project

Sapient Director Aleks Zelenovic and project partner David Nguyen, CEO of United Solutions, talk through lessons learned from the first blockchain proof of concept developed in government. They describe their experiences in implementation and innovation with blockchain at ACT-IAC’s 2017 Blockchain Forum in September.

8 tips for starting out with blockchain

Sapient Consulting | Public Sector supported the first proof of concept that brought blockchain to the federal government. Sapient Director Aleks Zelenovic shares eight tips for an organization to keep in mind  when exploring blockchain -- from understanding that blockchain is about the business, not just technology, to the correct development approach to take.

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In The News

Aleks Zelenovic shares opportunities for blockchain in shared services

At The Shared Services & Outsourcing Network’s recent Blockchain in Shared Services event, practitioners and industry experts stepped forward in unison to highlight the opportunities blockchain presents. There is no group more perfect for managing blockchain’s deployment in enterprise than Shared Services, the conference’s chair announced. In this SSON article about the event, Sapient’s Aleks Zelenovic comments that with the right use case, blockchain can serve as a tool to resolve business friction.

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Harvard’s Steve Kelman blogs about GSA blockchain proof of concept

In his blog on federal acquisition and innovation, noted Harvard professor Steve Kelman writes about the blockchain proof of concept that Sapient Consulting | Public Sector helped build for the U.S. General Services Administration. He spoke with Sapient Director Aleks Zelenovic among others, and notes that the movement toward blockchain in government and elsewhere "could be the start of something big."

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Federal News Radio columnist mentions GSA blockchain proof of concept

In his Federal News Radio column, Tom Temin discusses blockchain and highlights Sapient and the proof-of-concept project at the U.S. General Services Administration. The project is designed to automate and shorten the review process for IT contract procurement, as well as increase accuracy and lessen the burden on contractors. Temin says to "expect more agencies to evaluate this technology" in the future.

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GCN website: GSA blockchain proof of concept looks to speed procurement

Federal technology news website GCN describes how the U.S. General Services Administration is looking to speed the procurement process for IT contracts using blockchain. Sapient Consulting | Public Sector helped develop the blockchain proof of concept, which is designed to automate and shorten the review process, increase accuracy, and lessen the burden on contractors.

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Aleksandar Zelenovic’s Impact in Blockchain Recognized by FCW Fed 100

Honored with a Fed 100 award by FCW for leading the first implementation of a blockchain project in any procurement function in the world, Sapient’s own Aleks Zelenovic is labeled as the “Blockchain boundary breaker.”

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ACT IAC 2018 Identity & Access Management Forum | Sept 11 | Washington, DC

Aleks Zelenovic will speak as panelist focusing on emerging technologies, new tools, products, technology, and processes that can bring better identity management.

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DC Global People’s Hub – Reimagine Humanity | September 22 | Washington, DC

Hosted by the United Nations General Assembly, Sapient will utilize our real-world experiences and implementations to deepen understanding and foster dialogue around blockchain. 

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ACT IAC Imagine Nation - ELC | October 14-17 | Philadelphia, PA

Centered on bold thinking, fresh ideas and true innovation in government IT, Sapient will focus on Customer Experience and Emerging Technologies as a CX Innovation Hub member.

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Converge2Xcelerate Conference | October 24 | New York, NY

Looking to the integration of emerging technologies in healthcare today, Sapient’s Aleks Zelenovic will be presenting a case study on blockchain’s ability to transform business processes.

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American University Blockchain Forum | November 7 | Washington, DC

Focused on providing a world-class learning and research platform focused on the impact of blockchain on business processes, Sapient is participating as a founding member. 

ACT IAC Healthcare Block-a-thon | November 8 | Washington, DC

Analyzing the viability of using blockchain technology to help solve specific, pre-vetted healthcare agency issues, Sapient’s Aleks Zelenovic will be leading the discussion and use case facilitation as the co-chair.

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