We worked with The Institutes to create MyPath, a brand, campaign, and online platform designed to educate millennials about career opportunities in the insurance industry.
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MyPath Brand & Website named Best in Class

- Interactive Media Awards 2015

Attracting a new wave of talent to the insurance industry

As the insurance industry’s primary education and accreditation organization, The Institutes works with industry partners to attract and train people to work in insurance careers.

The industry faced a growing challenge. With the average age of insurance professionals being about 10 years older than the general population, roughly a quarter of the industry’s workforce would be retiring in the next few years. This meant that, by 2020, the insurance industry would have more than 400,000 new job openings.

Aligning stakeholders on a common vision

Needing to pique a younger generation’s awareness and interest around career opportunities in insurance, The Institutes partnered with us to help them cultivate a strong workforce for the future through the development of a new brand that would engage the next generation.

We began by bringing stakeholders together in a series of collaborative workshops to establish goals for the project and reach consensus on a strategic direction. By providing a forum to share their diverse perspectives and expectations, we were able to align this group behind a common objective.

Embracing the millennial generation’s perspective

One of the primary challenges to recruiting new talent was awareness – many college students didn’t consider insurance as a possible career option.

To create a brand that helped insurance stand out among other career options, we conducted in-depth primary research to understand millennials’ career preferences and perceptions of opportunities in the insurance industry.

Through focus groups, as well as qualitative and quantitative testing, we explored our audience’s values, motivators, and career aspirations. What drives them to choose a career path? What tools do they need to succeed? What are the messages that resonate most strongly with them?

Rebranding an industry

The majority of millennials misunderstood the diversity of career paths available to them through insurance. To successfully attract a wave of new talent to the industry, this brand would need to help dispel misconceptions.

Creating MyPath, the new millennial-facing brand, was an iterative process that involved naming, logo development, and message testing. We based the new name around the concept that the insurance industry’s limitless career options afforded college students a chance to write their own career path.

Engaging recent grads to create their own path

MyPath engages college students and recent grads in the possibilities of insurance through a digital platform and a multi-media advertising campaign.

The multi-channel digital platform,, gives the industry a collective voice to spread the word and help people get started in a career, featuring:

  • An interactive tool to show students how their skills and interests can help them succeed in insurance
  • Personalized internship listings that update as you interact with the site
  • Inspiring stories from recent graduates working in the industry
  • Mobile-first design compatible with any device
  • Extensible and scalable technology platform
Over 450 student accounts created to date

The insurance industry’s investment has already proved worthwhile. Less than a year after the website launch, has reached more than 220,000 unique visitors, and so far, 55 different insurance partners have participated on the platform.

The online advertising campaign saw click-through rates well above the industry average. With more than 400,000,000 impressions in the first 60 days, the campaign boosted site traffic by over 400% and increased visitors’ time on site.

As one of several projects in our ongoing partnership, our work on MyPath is part of a larger engagement with The Institutes designed to future-proof their digital portfolio. We are helping them obtain a clear view of the audience to continually develop an even stronger customer experience.


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