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We created three mobile apps to educate the public on the many uses for the vast wealth of data the U.S. Census Bureau collects, measures, and monitors.
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"The design makes the numbers [simple] to understand and interpret and that is key to it being helpful to all types of users whether they be students, members of the workforce or just everyday citizens."

- App Store Reviewer

Making sense of Census data

Almost everyone knows what the U.S. Census Bureau does every 10 years. But not everyone realizes that this data is used every day to help businesses, governments, and individuals make important decisions, and that it’s available for public use.

As part of their digital strategy to raise awareness about the value of the data collected, increase transparency, and make the information more accessible, the Census Bureau partnered with Sapient to create a series of new mobile experiences.

Different apps for different audiences

The different uses for Census data are as varied as the U.S. population itself. Through in-depth analysis, we identified a number of specific opportunities to enhance the ways people use the data in their daily lives.

We then created three mobile apps: America’s Economy, dwellr, and Census PoP Quiz. Each one speaks to a particular audience, using data in an engaging and informative way.

America’s Economy: showing the power of Census data

America’s Economy was the first app to present the public with economic data directly from the U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Economic Analysis, and Bureau of Labor Statistics.

With features like real-time updates for key economic indicators, push notifications, and email updates, America’s Economy lets people use Census data to make decisions that impact all areas of life.

With over 130,000 downloads, America’s Economy has been lauded by the White House as a great example of the Federal Digital Strategy, and by Information Week, who named it a “Top 10 Government Mobile App.”

dwellr: using Census data to make your next move

dwellr demonstrates how Census data can help people make personal decisions. The app offers suggestions for travel destinations, relocation options and more based on the lifestyle preferences indicated in a user’s profile. Users can also learn more about their current locations and share their suggested locations on social media.

In its first year, dwellr was downloaded 31,000+ times.

Census PoP Quiz: unlocking the full extent of Census data

Census PoP Quiz is an educational tool using large-scale data from the American Community Survey to challenge a user’s knowledge of the United States on topics that include population, commuting, education, housing, and more. By completing challenges, users earn badges to show their demographic knowledge.


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