About Us

Sapient Consulting | Public Sector is a digital consulting company with its public sector business unit headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. For over 25 years, we’ve partnered with government and nonprofit organizations to develop smart solutions that make strategy, creativity, and technology work. Combining expertise across our partnered business units, we use our collective knowledge and experience to enhance and advance the public sector.

Topics We Talk About

We have a deep and diverse community of thought leaders and subject matter experts who speak passionately about what we do and welcome opportunities to share what they know with others. We’re known for our expertise in these fields:

Nonprofit Marketing

How can I use storytelling to make my nonprofit organization’s marketing efforts more personal? Learn how nonprofits are regaining relevance and connection to their audiences.

Design Thinking

You don’t need a black turtleneck to participate in design thinking. Learn what it is, why it matters, and how it can be used drive brands and businesses forward.

Mobile Design vs. Designing for Mobile

Application Design, Trends & Best Practices, Responsive Layouts, QR Codes, Typography. Hear more about what your team and your organization needs to consider.

Content Strategy As Your Greatest Asset

Good content doesn’t just happen. It needs to be planned, created, and managed. Learn insights and best practices for creating high-performance content.

Health Communications

Digital communications strategies are key to making authoritative content more findable, relevant, and consumable. Explore how technology can be used to inform health decision, support citizen engagement, and create more meaningful experiences.

Big Data For Real Value

In the midst of a game-changing transformation, big data can practically be used to collaborate and learn in new ways. Hear about ways this can happen across the public and private sectors.

Customer Service in Government

The public sector citizen and private sector consumer are one in the same on expectations but the experience recieved is very different. Learn about how the future service delivery model for the government can close this gap.

World of Cybersecurity

So much of our world’s daily activities rely on technology. Security cannot be an afterthought. Talk with us about how we are helping organizations make strategic decisions from the beginning.