Our Perspective on IT Modernization

The government’s outdated existing IT portfolio is aging and poses significant future security and operational risks. In fact, at least 70 percent of the Federal IT funding estimated for FY 2017 is expected to support “legacy” (or O&M) IT spending.

Modernization would improve the ability of these IT systems to deliver, but currently many agencies are stymied by the high costs, lack of funding, and risks associated with modernization efforts. Combined with the increasing cost to maintain existing systems, agencies are hampered in their ability to manage and enhance their IT systems strategically.

Sapient views modernization as more than a rip-and-replace proposition; rather, it’s an opportunity to look across an organization to evaluate an agency’s maturity and determine the best path forward. It’s about building a modernization plan that gets an agency from old tech to new tech in a way that transforms the organization and furthers an agency’s mission.


The People Side of IT Modernization

An effective IT modernization plan will consider communication, change management, and stakeholder alignment around organizational requirements. In our conversation with National Technical Information Service (NTIS) Director Avi Bender, we discuss how this "people" component to IT modernization requires the right conversations with the right people in the private sector and in government.

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IT Modernization: Not a Case of Rip and Replace

A successful modernization plan can be defined through four milestones: Updating Your Enterprise Roadmap, Prioritizing Systems for Modernization, Building Modernization Profiles, and Executing Your Modernization Plan. This article identifies the distinct objectives, resources, and potential challenges that agencies should consider through the first phase of the planning effort. 

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Preparing for IT Modernization in 4 Steps

A step-by-step guide that identifies key considerations for agencies as they begin their IT modernization efforts.

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Driving IT Modernization in Government

A discussion with executives from USDA and NIH about the modernization movement and  its impact on not only IT, but also business processes, change management, and communications. 

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