Enhancing Patient Engagement through Mobile

By: Stephen Goldstein

With the number of Americans owning mobile devices smart phones growing exponentially, mobile is “the perfect candidate to change engagement across various populations,” stated Sapient Government Services’ Stephen Goldstein in a recent issue of Inside Healthcare Magazine. Highlighting the impact of mobile technology on patient engagement, discussion centers on the emerging use cases around how health organizations can better engage with patients and providers using mobile technology. Whether using existing mobile applications to collect data on an individual’s activity or integrating aftercare instructions with calendar and reminder applications, enhanced doctor-patient collaboration can help drive healthier outcomes.

With a unique view on this growing area in the health industry, Sapient continues to explore how to make the greatest impact across several areas. Combining technology, creativity and new care models in innovative ways creates digital capabilities that deepen engagement and meet complex challenges in the healthcare industry. Enhanced collaboration and IT implementation can lower costs significantly, improve experiences and dramatically improve patient outcomes. 

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Stephen Goldstein’s full article can be viewed in the Winter/Spring edition of Inside Healthcare Magazine
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