Transforming the Approach to Health Behavior Change

Changing human behavior is hard, notes David Nickelson, Sapient’s Director of Digital Strategy. But he points to a behavioral change model by psychologist B.J. Fogg as a promising tool to help change health behavior.

In the model, three factors must converge simultaneously for a behavior to occur: motivation, ability, and triggers. The challenge is delivering triggers that match a consumer’s current motivation and ability so the consumer changes the desired health behavior.

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David Nickelson

David has worked in digital strategy and interactive design for over 19 years. Drawing on his skills as behavioral scientist and attorney, he applies an unique understanding of human behavior to regulated industries to create meaningful digital experiences that engage audiences, spur behavior change, and establish long-term relationships. An expert in digital strategy, marketing, and communications for health organizations, David is a frequently sought after consultant, panelist and speaker, lending his insights to commercial, nonprofit, and government audiences and clients alike.