We imagine a different reality for the public sector: one designed to embrace digital transformation that has created a new normal, fundamentally changing the relationship between people and government

The Federal Outlook

Creating the Future of the Public Sector

The importance of providing a positive citizen experience is at an all-time high. Digital transformation has completely changed public expectations, sending what’s needed and what’s possible into a push-pull dynamic. Government agencies have never been in a better position to improve lives by delivering innovative solutions to those they serve. We work at the intersection of strategy, creativity and technology, developing solutions based on the world’s best thinking from the private and public sectors.

As much as things change, they stay the same. A good plan is still the foundation for success, and every good plan is built on good strategy. We start with the end in mind to develop solutions that integrate the the overall needs of a given challenge, from inception to completion.

Good design makes people happy. Out-of-the-box thinking, paired with strong creative and skillful content development, makes the difference between a “functional” solution and one that provides a positive citizen experience. Pairing these elements with advanced technical applications empowers our clients to make sense of data, streamline functionality, and enhance effectiveness, delivering the optimal outcome for citizens. 

Hot Topics in Government
We're committed to serving those who serve.
  • Improved customer experience
  • Smarter content and technology strategy
  • Engaging creative
  • Agile program management 

Our Experts

Our team is made up of the leading strategic thinkers in the business, whose experience is rooted in decades of change and evolution in the public sector. It is their knowledge that drives the development of critical solutions for our clients. 

Our Insights

Trends & Innovations

The climate for evolution in government has never been better. We like to keep our eyes open for great examples of ingenuity and creativity from other governments around the world. Take a look to see what inspires us as we create solutions for our clients. 


Mobile Money that Matters

Mobile phone technology creates access and opportunity for those who need it most. “60 Minutes” correspondent, Lesley Stahl investigates the incredible success of mobile currency in Kenya.

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Big Data for a Big Future

Utilizing big data in a “transform or perish” future. See what the folks at IDC predict for 2016 and beyond.

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Commuter Accessibility

The Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities Program awards $1M to Wayfindr, a program that assists visually impaired London Underground commuters through beacon technology.

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Sharks & Telecommunications

Australia utilizes telcom to fight shark attacks with Clever Bouy, the first innovation in shark detection technology in 60 years.

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Our Work

US Census Bureau

Mobile Apps

Helping Americans stay educated and make informed investment decisions through the transparency and accessibility of US Census data.
We created three mobile apps to educate the public on the many uses for the vast wealth of data the US Census Bureau collects, measures, and monitors.

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US Coast Guard Academy

Recruitment Marketing Campaign

Recruiting the next generation of Coast Guard cadets.
We developed an integrated marketing campaign, using a combination of
traditional, digital, and social media, to attract highly sought-after
applicants to the US Coast Guard Academy.

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Creating the Future of the Public Sector

An integrated rebranding campaign for Sapient Consulting | Public Sector designed to illustrate a new vision for the public sector: one that embraces digital transformation and enhances the relationship between people and government.

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