Sapient Consulting | Public Sector partners with government, health, nonprofit, and education organizations dedicated to changing the world for the better. Through the application of strategy, technology, and creativity, we help our clients harness new ways of working to adapt to the added pressures of an increasingly digital world.


We believe that government agencies should have access to the same level of technology as Fortune 100 companies, within a reasonable budget and timeframe. Using outdated systems cost taxpayers money, and slows the pace of progress. That's why we work with public sector partners who want smarter, more efficient ways to inform, engage and protect citizens.


As healthcare systems undergo significant transformation, two important facts remain constant: access to healthcare improves patient outcomes and today’s research will help reduce the burden of disease and save lives. At Sapient, we understand, support, and help realize these facts for people who need healthcare services and seek out health information. We understand the full complexity of conducting, translating, and then bringing medical care and research to an eager public. We help place clinicians in underserved areas all over the country; we analyze deep sets of data for Parkinson’s disease, autism, and traumatic brain injury; and we disseminate thousands of pages of authoritative content on chronic conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and kidney disease. Our thorough understanding of both how healthcare is delivered in underserved areas and the vital importance of medical research to clinicians, patients, and caregivers is an important reason why our Federal and public health partners trust us with their most pressing challenges.

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits are a core component of social change. They're focused on impacting people's lives and we can relate: that's what drives us too. We work to solve nonprofits' challenges - help them organize, strategize, monetize, communicate and stay relevant in a changing world - so can they go about what they do best: enabling positive social change.

Educational Institutions

Declining public funding, new technologies, changing demographics and an evolving approach to learning are challenging not just the traditional education community, but all nonprofits responsible for education. We leverage technology in the name of new learning, data collection, and marketing and recruitment tools to help organizations turn these challenges into advantages.

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